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Scratch Sleeves Button Back Footed Dungarees

£ 19.95
Color: Kingfisher Blue

These button back footed Dungarees are made from soft woven cotton and make perfect summer outfits on their own or for night times as pyjamas. The fabric is stretchy giving your child plenty of room for movement, but the knitted trim making it difficult to take of and the buttons with top loop are impenetrable. The closed feet with a woven cotton over the front of the foot and under the toe make it impenetrable to escape artists to get out and stops access to nappies / diapers.

The soft fabric makes a perfect garment for those kids with sensory processing disorder.

Please note: Scratch Sleeves have updated their pattern and now reflect the sizing of KayCey bodysuits. We advise that you measure your child and refer to the size chart. Also the footed option is now available for all kids sizes up to 16 years.

    1. Button back fastening keeps our dungaree bottoms securely in place.
    2. Loose fitting 100% cotton jersey fabric ensures that little ones stay cool and comfortable and sensitive skin is not irritated.
    3. Can be worn over t-shirts or under tops to keep even the most determined of escapologists fully clothed all night.
    4. Designed for children to deter them from accessing their nappy but equally effective for other sensory issues and skin conditions such as Eczema.
    5. Deters access to nappies/diapers and great as sleepwear.
    1. Machine washable at 40 degrees using non-biological detergent.
    2. Can be tumble-dried.
  • Sizing
    Full Size Chart of Scratch Sleeves Range