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by Rebecca Sharrock January 18, 2019

Autism has become much more widely discussed and heard about in recent years. Many people, including myself have now been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

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by Rebecca Sharrock November 23, 2018

As a young child I was given various suggestions for making me sleep better. The first was imagining to count sheep. Though by doing that I would end up counting to one thousand and something, then the next thing I’d know was that it was 4am and I hadn’t had a second of sleep.

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Travelling autism rebecca sharrock special needs children

Travelling with autism

by Rebecca Sharrock October 16, 2018

In the past few years (and into the future) traveling has become a more frequent experience for me. There’s a trip coming up in a few weeks time when my family and I will be visiting California for a holiday.

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Harry Potter_Autism_Books_SpecialKids.Company

My life with Harry Potter

by Rebecca Sharrock September 14, 2018

Every person who’s ever met me knows how much I like the Harry Potter series. They also know that I’ve learned to recite the seven books word by word. Yet my passion for the series goes very deep.

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Possibilities of a Lego Brick

by SpecialKids .Company August 28, 2018

The standard 2x4x1 Lego brick has been a well known object since the year 1958. Generations of children and adults worldwide are now able to see this humble brick, and from there a vast number of us can immediately start imagining what 3D models of artwork can be built with it.

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My Educational Journey

My Educational Journey

by SpecialKids .Company July 25, 2018 2 Comments

Very often I’m asked about how well I did at school, and the answer I give is that I generally didn’t do well academically. My educational story is quite long-winded. Yet in this blog I’ll give an overview of my academic path (inside and outside of school).

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The Effectiveness of Mindful Exercises

by SpecialKids .Company June 30, 2018

Life has become more stressful as a whole and as a result of that depression and anxiety have risen among the general population.Now more than ever before mindfulness exercises are being encouraged by many medical experts and the media.

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The Benefits of iPads

by Rebecca Sharrock May 31, 2018

There’s a  lot of talk and occasional criticism about how much we’re intensely relying on our computer tablets and smartphones and the negative impact it's having on social skills. However, as someone with Autism my iPad is a very important device in regards to controlling my anxiety and enabling me to get more of my career work done.

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The Benefits of Change

by Rebecca Sharrock April 30, 2018

Due to my autism I naturally find change very difficult. Unexpected changes can leave me anxious so routine has always been a comfort to me, however despite feeling content with repetition, I do still become bored with it.


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by Rebecca Sharrock March 28, 2018

We’re overloaded with so much in life that by adulthood finding our true interests and passions can seem much like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So how can we find where our true passions lie?

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Coming To Grips With Sleep Paralysis

by Rebecca Sharrock February 26, 2018

An experience of Sleep Paralysis occurs when the mind becomes conscious, yet the person’s physical body remains asleep (and therefore paralysed) for up to several minutes. Most people experience Sleep Paralysis at least once throughout their lifetime, and some people (including myself) experience it regularly or on a nightly basis.

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Routine and Slower Processing

by Rebecca Sharrock January 27, 2018

Whenever something unexpected occurs which leaves me with no other choice than to change my timetable, I experience extreme anxiety and often have a meltdown as a result. In addition to having autism I also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which multiplies those challenges by two.

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