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How to care for your KayCey bodysuit

When it comes to caring for your KayCey garment, all necessary information is available in the composition label but we have included a bit more information for those difficult-to-remove stains:

  • Washing Instructions for your KayCey bodysuit/popper vest

Paying special attention to water temperature and other laundry basics will help you ensure the longevity of your KayCey garment. Do not exceed washing temperatures of 400C and always wash with like colours.

  • Drying Instructions for your KayCey bodysuit/popper vest

Kaycey garments should be air-dried but low temperature tumble-drying is possible. Our garments don’t shrink!

Stain Removal from your garment

Stains in your KayCey garments are among the most challenging aspects of having a child with special needs. Food, urine and poo stains are a regular occurrence that any parent wants to conquer effectively so that your child can be both comfortable and clean. Cleaning both your child and their garments will help keep bad odours and rashes at bay.

  • Food stains

Food stains on your child’s KayCey garments can be removed efficiently. To help you remove food stains, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Remove all excess food off the garment and check the maximum water temperature for your KayCey garment. Dealing with the stain immediately will help remove it effectively.
  2. To get rid of those oily or greasy stains, use corn-starch or talcum powder to help absorb the oil. Leave the powder or corn-starch on the garment for twenty minutes then scrape the powder off your child’s garment and use an appropriate stain remover to your usual wash cycle.
  3. For stains from fruits, vegetables, jams, juices or berries use a vinegar solution of one-part vinegar to two parts water. Allow the garment to soak for approximately ten minutes before washing in your machine with an appropriate stain remover.
  4. If the stains persist, repeat. Sometimes stubborn stains need several washes before they are clear or you may need to use another strong stain remover. Most removers used for cotton garments should work on your child’s KayCey garment.
  • Urine stains

When your child has urine stains in their garments, removing the garment as soon as possible for washing is imperative to removing the stain. Cleaning your child with warm water and mild soap before redressing your child will help keep stains from being transferred to new garments while ensuring your child is comfortable.

  1. Remove all clothing as soon as possible. If necessary, soak in warm water with white vinegar.
  2. Wash the garment with white vinegar or baking soda (do this separately). Since KayCey garments are predominantly cotton, you can rest assured that both the stain and odour can be removed from your garment. White vinegar will leave your child’s garments odour-neutralized and soft.
  3. If you use white vinegar to wash your child’s garments, you may need to do a second wash. If the stain persists, you can use a bleach or other stain-removing product suitable for your garment.
  4. Dry the garment in the sun.
  • Poo stains

When it comes to cleaning poo stains off your KayCey garment, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove all poo off the garment as soon as possible. This will help prevent the garment from staining badly. You can use toilet paper or paper towels to help. Another quick way to remove excess poo is to hold the garment securely in one hand with the poo area of the garment inside the toilet. Flush the toilet so that the power of the water will remove the excess poo quickly.
  2. Using cold water, rinse and soak the garment. Warm to hot water is to be avoided since it can cause the stain to deepen.
  3. Place the garment in your washing machine. Here you can use hot water if the laundry instructions on the laundry marker allow for hot water. Vinegar or a stain removal cleaner suitable for your garment can be used when washing your garment in the washing machine.
  4. Dry the garment in the sun.

Who Are KayCey Garments for?

KayCey garments are designed for children and young adults with additional needs who need adaptive clothing as part of their everyday routine. The range of conditions are endless.

Suitable for a range of special needs conditions

There are a range of conditions where a child can benefit from a KayCey bodysuit. As a general rule, they may be used by children who are single/double incontinent, smear, shred nappies, undress frequently and/or who have stomas for PEG/tube feeding or access for the removal of waste or the administration of medication.

The following conditions (but not limited to) could require a KayCey bodysuit: autism; eczema; cerebral palsy; downs syndrome; rhett syndrome; global development delay; children in braces and wheelchairs; children with supra-pubic catheters; angelman syndrome; fragile X; and lissencephaly etc..

Where can KayCey garments be used

The list of places where KayCey garments can be used daily is endless. Our parents and carers have found uses of KayCey not only at home but also residentials, hospitals, and special needs school. We find parents find them very useful for days out to the beach or parks as well as camping. Either way their use is highly beneficial in the interaction with children with special needs.