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Children's Popper Vests & Bodysuits with G-Tube Access

Does you child wear a nappy and/or are they tube fed?  Our sleeveless, short sleeve and polo bodysuits all come with our specially designed tube access opening.  Our G-tube clothing makes it easy to access PEG/feeding tubes, monitors and leads creating a more enjoyable experience for both parents/carers and child.

Discover specialist feeding vests that can allow you to properly care for your child/adult. The access is ideal for any PEG/G-tubes and sub-pubic catheters.

  • KayCey_Adaptive_clothing_for_older_children_with_special_needs_Sleeveless_with_Tube_Access_Pink_Back

    KayCey®P Popper Vest - Sleeveless with Tube Access (KIDS)

    from £ 16.95
    5 colors available

    Our sleeveless special needs bodysuits are multifunctional.  They are not only an undergarment but also great on their own paired with shorts or a ...

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  • KayCey_Adaptive_clothing_for_older_children_with_special_needs_Short_Sleeve_with_Tube_Access_Grey_Back

    KayCey®P Popper Vest - Short Sleeve with Tube Access (KIDS)

    from £ 18.95
    2 colors available

    Adaptive clothing for older children with special needs - Short Sleeve with Tube Access These Short Sleeve vests are not only an undergarment but a...

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