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About your KayCey bodysuits & Vests

KayCey garments are specially designed to meet the needs of parents/carers of children with additional needs. We have listened to our customers to create a garment that is both fun and functional and makes your life that little bit easier…we know your days are tough enough, clothing should be the easiest part.

About Your KayCey garment

We have thought of everything from what fabrics to use to who will be using our garments to meet your child’s additional needs.

  • Fabrics we have chosen for your bodysuit/popper vest

The fabric of the KayCey garment is AZO free and consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The fabric is gentle to the touch and tag-free, allowing your child freedom to participate in daily activities without irritation or discomfort and minimises any sensory issues.

  • How KayCey bodysuits are designed to suit your child with special needs

KayCey bodysuits are designed with a longer leg and reinforced crotch area giving your child extra protection and coverage. We have incorporated five extra durable press studs to keep wandering hands away from pants or nappies, preventing unwanted poo/faecal smearing. Its topstitched seams minimize the curling of the garment openings and maintaining comfort when used with braces and prevents ‘wedgies’ when lifting a child in and out of a wheelchair.

  • Choosing from a range of bodysuit/popper vest colours

KayCey garments come in a variety of colours suitable for boys and girls namely grey, white, navy, sky blue and pink. Perfect for every little girls’ dress sense and every little boys’ inner super hero.

  • Quality of our KayCey bodysuit/popper vest

KayCey is proud to give your child a garment that is excellent in quality, highly durable and easy to use. We have gone to great lengths to source our garments from ethical manufacturers to provide you a cotton elastane blend that is super soft.



Size Guide

KayCey Size Chart

KayCey bodysuit size chart
UK(Age) Europeon(up to) US Chest(up to) Body Length(up to) Weight(up to) Tube Access Width
2 96cm/38" 2T 56cm/22" 44cm/18" 18kg/40lbs 8cm/3"
3-4 107cm/42" 3T-4T 60cm/24" 50cm/20" 21kg/46lbs 9cm/3.5"
5-6 116cm/46" 5-6 64cm/25" 54cm/21" 25kg/55lbs 10cm/4"
7-8 128cm/50" 7-8 69cm/27" 58cm/23" 35kg/77lbs 11cm/4.5"
9-10 140cm/55" 9-10 73cm/29" 61cm/24" 44kg/97lbs 12cm/5"
11-12 152cm/60" 11-12 85cm/33" 66cm/26" 54kg/119lbs 13cm/5"
13-14 164cm/65" 13-14 90cm/36" 72cm/28" 66kg/146lbs 14cm/5.5"
15-16 172cm/69" 15-16 102cm/40" 76cm/30" 72kg/158lbs 15cm/5.9"


Wonsie Size Chart

Wonsie UK size chart


Ez Sox Size Chart

Ez-Sox size chart