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Attends - Incontinence Cover-Dri Super Bed Pads (60 x 90cm)

by Attends
£ 17.95

Attends Cover-Dri Plus is our protective underpad to be used for light to moderate urinary incontinence. The absorbent hexagon pads on the sheet distribute wetness quickly and evenly, absorbing liquid and preventing mess.

When the pad is used, dispose of in a bin and feel confident that your surfaces are protected and dry.

This pad can be used by anyone wanting to protect beds, chairs and wheelchairs from leakages. The pads can also be used for clinical procedures where non-sterile containment is required.

  • Features
    1. Underpads for light to moderate urinary incontinence and clinical procedures
    2. Discreetly coloured, non-slip, waterproof back sheet to ensure the product stays in place.
    3. Individual absorbent cushions quickly absorb fluid, whilst drainage channels rapidly distribute the fluid without pooling.
    4. All round leakage barrier reduces the risk of leakage.
    5. Superabsorbent core for improved leakage protection, skin dryness and odour protection.
    6. Natural Odour Protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells.
    1. Pack of 50
    2. Click here for Attends Size Chart