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We Can't Outgrow Our Autism

by Rebecca Sharrock May 16, 2017

The number of autism diagnoses at the moment are climbing higher every year. So much so that it’s being described by many as an epidemic. The media are indeed paying attention to this. But there is one particular word that many reports are including, which still continues to give us misconceptions. Many are reporting autism as a childhood developmental disability.

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by Rebecca Sharrock April 12, 2017

Rebecca Sharrock gives her own personal insight into how Anxiety and depression affect her and the differences between them.

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Big-Headed or Narrow-Minded?

Big-Headed or Narrow-Minded?

by Rebecca Sharrock March 11, 2017 2 Comments

It’s not uncommon for autistic children or adults to come across as egotistical or bigheaded. There are a few reasons in particular as to why this is the case, and sometimes it really is due to us having a high opinion of ourselves. Though the cause is rather different from that of an arrogant or purely egotistical personality.

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Challenges for Those on the Autism Spectrum Isn’t an Indication of Intelligence

by Rebecca Sharrock February 24, 2017

Disabilities including ASD have been around along as humanity has existed, and many generalisations have been made about them as a whole. Yet the reality is that all disabilities are immensely different from one another. So much makes up a human organism, and there are a vast number of areas that can be affected, or that can compensate for skills in which we are deficient.


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