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It’s been estimated that humans have been on earth for a great number of millennia. The exact number of years varies from source to source. Yet humans are widely reported to be the most advanced and intelligent species that has ever existed on this planet.

Though is it really true that humans are the most superior species of all? Are there other kinds of intelligence which we don’t have the capacity for? And have humans achieved all of these great things alone?

Throughout the history of humanity animals have assisted us along the way (and these are in ways other than for food and clothing as well). Many sources agree that humans have commonly had pet dogs since deep in our prehistory, and they’ve continued to be a faithful pet for tens of thousands of years. Dogs have even earned the title by many as being “man’s best friend”. Various other kinds of animals have since been domesticated and have lived with humans as family members over the years too.

Animals aren’t just like mere children for us to be the masters of either. They can also assist us with our day to day living. As advanced as humans are with our far reaching technology, inventions and knowledge of the practical world, there are other areas where animals are far more adept than we are. These areas include having more superior sensory abilities, as well as being far more in tune with their natural instincts and bodily reactions. Personally I feel that animals are much kinder, and more empathetic than us humans will ever be. Humans can occasionally be rather proficient in those areas. However animals in comparison have the ability to go to a level far beyond that which humans have the capacity to even understand.

For all of my life so far I’ve owned pets to keep me company. As well as for company, pets are very good for my emotional wellbeing. Currently we have a family cat named Ninja and he always knows when I’m stressed, worried or spiralling into a meltdown situation. Whenever I’ve got high anxiety and am behaving in an agitated way, I’ll here a “meow” and there will be Ninja right next to me. He will then just purr and brush himself against me in order for me to give him attention. 

This may not seem that much at first, and by the time I feel better he decides to give me one last “meow” and goes off to settle back down on his bed purring. One could rightfully argue that Ninja just simply wants attention all of the time (even though I strongly believe that he knows that these actions of his will cheer me up)! Yet for either possible intention Ninja surely does soothe my feelings whenever he does this.

Having had experiences like this throughout my life with pets it is of course necessary for me to always have an animal companion for the rest of my years. 

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It is true that the career I’m developing involves a fair bit of travelling. So a pet who needs constant attention and looking after is unfortunately a no for me. However I’ve decided that I’ll always have a pet cockatiel because at the same time as being a very interactive pet, they’re also very easy to look after whenever their owner is on a trip. Generally a large seed block and a trough of water keeps them well for a good week or so; and all a house sitter has to do is check the water tray every few days. My current cockatiel has been a very good therapy companion for me for eleven years now (and should have another decade of good health left to go). He can also whistle “Mary had a Little Lamb” perfectly!

So having a pet is very important for a combination of things including comfort, entertainment, as well as for my emotional and psychological well-being.