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The Care Designs Changing Mat

The Care Designs Changing Mat

February 08, 2019

The Care Designs Changing Mat 

When you have a child who is doubly-incontinent, up until around the age of 3, products and facilities aimed at incontinence are easier to come by. Nappies are readily available in supermarkets, you can buy baby changing mats in lots of different stores and changing facilities are easily accessible when you are out and about. However, if your child still wears nappies or pads past this age, suddenly you are faced with new challenges.

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The Lack of Changing Places 

Thousands of parents and carers in the UK sadly have to change their loved ones in awful places, like on toilet floors or their car boot due to a lack of Changing Places toilets with an adult-sized changing bench and ceiling track hoist. This is a huge issue affecting both disabled children and adults and needs to change. Whilst we continue to campaign and shout for these facilities, SpecialKids.Company would like to make you aware of a product, which might make life a little bit easier in the meantime.

About The Changing Mat 


Care Designs changing mat is generously sized (160cm x 62cm), designed to cover all ages, from when your child no longer fits on a baby changing mat right into adulthood. It can be used in your home or folds up neatly and ties together with a stretchy band, so that you can put it in your bag use it whilst you are out.


The changing mat is made of high quality material  called neoprene, which is waterproof, padded and insulated, offering the best possible comfort and protection – especially when you are unable to find a Changing Places toilet. We know that this is far from ideal, but the neoprene sheet offers a smooth and cushioned feel, providing protection and insulation from the cold, hard surfaces you may encounter. The sponge rubber is also fully waterproof to protect from any dampness coming through from a surface underneath. Each side of the mat 

is covered with a fine, stretch fabric, which is soft to touch and is also slightly absorbent in the event of any accidents.

The mats are multi functional and many people use them for relaxation or whilst doing physiotherapy stretches and exercise.

Washing Machine Safe 

These fantastic changing mats can be washed by hand and by machine at 30 degrees making them easy to clean and ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.

We highly recommend Care Designs Teen/Adult Changing Mat. It comes in two different colours, blue and purple, and can be used time and time again.

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