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Best courses for parents of an autistic child

Parenting isn’t easy. Whilst it is undoubtedly the biggest blessing, it is also constant. It’s around the clock love, care and patience. However, when your child is autistic it can feel harder to get it ‘right’. You want to celebrate your child’s neurodiversity and help them to feel happy, healthy and supported. There are courses to help parents around the country and online on how best to support children with autism. In this blog, SpecialKids.Company will round up some of the best ones for you should you wish to explore them.

Early Bird programme for parents of children with Autism

Early Bird is a course for parents and carers of children under 5 who have received a diagnosis of autism. It is designed to help parents better understand their child’s behaviour and how best to support and communicate with them. Bridging the age gap between nursery and school, the Early Bird course can help you prepare for your child’s school placement and what they will need to help them be supported at school.
For more information on this course, visit the National Autistic Society online or speak to your Health Visitor or child’s health professional.

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Early Bird Plus for parents of children with Autism aged 4 to 9 years

Early Bird Plus is for parents and carers of children diagnosed with autism between the ages of 4 and 9. The course aims to promote a consistent approach across home and school by encouraging parents to attend with a professional who works regularly with their child. This helps to support parents and professionals working together to problem solve and develop strategies.
For more information on this course, visit the National Autistic Society online or speak to your Health Visitor or child’s health professional.

Teen Life programme for parents on teenage Autistic children

For parents and carers of children aged 10 to 16, Teen Life is the programme for you. Similarly, it is recommended that a professional attends as well as parent carers to work in harmony together to support autistic teenagers through day-to-day life. Subjects include puberty, stress and anxiety, independent skills – to name a few.
For more information on this course, visit the National Autistic Society online or speak to your Health Visitor or child’s health professional.

National Autistic Society E-Learning Modules

The National Autistic Society has a host of E-Learning modules that you can complete in your own time at home. They have been designed and written by autistic people and autism specialists to help you to improve your knowledge and understanding of autism. Whilst some modules are free, some need to be purchased. Each module is around 60-90 minutes and the subjects are as follows:

● A guide to the mental health experiences and needs of autistic teenagers
● Understanding autism
● Autism and communication
● Autism and sensory experience
● Autism, stress and anxiety
● Autism: supporting families
● Women and girls on the autistic spectrum
● Autism, sport and physical activity
● Autism and the police service
● Autism and the workplace
● Understanding autism for public transport professionals
● Managing money
● Finding employment

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Beyond Autism – Introduction to Autism – a course for parents, families and carers

This is a free online understanding Autism course taking you from diagnosis and various transitions into adulthood. Topics include communication, behaviour and sensory needs. This course is focused more around introduction to Autism, if you already have a general understanding of Autism, the same provider has a course for professionals which covers the topics in more detail.

Autism Education Trust Tool and Courses

People with autism and autism experts have helped to develop training modules and materials to help parents and carers support their children to reach their full potential. For more information click here.

Free Autism Courses

This website has free government funded courses to help parents of autistic children understand their child’s needs and offer the best support available. It’s a six week course, split into six modules:

● What is meant by ‘autism’
● Person-centered support
● Communication
● Sensory processing
● Positive behaviour
● Fulfilled lives
For more information, click here.


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