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SpecialKids.Company and Trade Shows

SpecialKids.Company and Trade Shows

November 11, 2014

We haven’t completed one year since our launch in the UK and yet we’ve met so many of our customers at trade shows.


Once the doors open of any trade show it’s all about YOU - the visitor - and boy do we love it when you discover our bodysuits.  The response ranges from ‘oooh, I didn’t know you could get such things, what a relief’ to ‘what fantastic quality and styles’.  Meeting new customers is not only fun, but more importantly rewarding.  We get to hear about their stories and experiences and of course their suggestions for a wish list of adaptive clothing to make their lives that little bit easier.  Our popper vests/bodysuits alone are what do it for our customers…since they are available in a variety of colours and the full range of sizes from 4-14 years old…it’s a welcomed relief for parents with kids that poo smear.  Oh, and since we added our tummy access range for PEG fed kids, it’s just that bit more of a relief for children who need feeding tubes.  Check out the full range www.SpecialKids.Company


Tradeshows are an interesting experience, both for the visitor and the exhibitor.  As a visitor you get so much choice available to you in one place over a fixed period of time, say 1-4 days typically.  More often than not, you become more knowledgeable about what is available in the market and you get to walk away with some goodies – some paid for, others for free (if you’re lucky!).  As an exhibitor you get to be part of the engine room of organising something special so that it becomes a great experience for the visitor.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be on both sides of a tradeshow and with SpecialKids.Company it’s been a blast.  It takes weeks, if not months to prepare for a tradeshow and before you know it, it’s over in just a day or two (sometimes 4).  There are so many things to consider other than just having your stock available on the day, like the display layout, props, posters, banners, fliers, tables/chairs, table covers, bags, decorations, stands, rails, promotions, car hire, hotels, support staff…the list goes on.  Sometimes it can be stressful, but mostly it’s fun and great events to look forward toonce it all comes together.  On the morning of a tradeshow it’s always exciting now knowing what the rest of the day will look like…


We have found that the Kidz Exhibitions to be a great platform for Wonsie UK and we are proud to be exhibiting at the Kidz in the North Exhibition in Manchester on 20th November.  The organisers are expecting a huge turnout this year and as Xmas is just around the corner, it’s a great day to pick up some gift ideas. SpecialKids.Company bodysuits make great Christmas gifts.  We will not only have the full range of bodysuits and popper vests to choose from, but you’ll also be able to purchase gift vouchers for that special child in your life!  So, why not pop over to stand C30A and say hi…we can’t wait to meet you :-)


Email us at Info@SpecialKids.Company and we’ll personalise it and send it directly to yourself or loved one.

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UK(Age) Europeon(up to) US Chest(up to) Body Length(up to) Weight(up to) Tube Access Width
2 96cm/38" 2T 56cm/22" 44cm/18" 18kg/40lbs 8cm/3"
3-4 107cm/42" 3T-4T 60cm/24" 50cm/20" 21kg/46lbs 9cm/3.5"
5-6 116cm/46" 5-6 64cm/25" 54cm/21" 25kg/55lbs 10cm/4"
7-8 128cm/50" 7-8 69cm/27" 58cm/23" 35kg/77lbs 11cm/4.5"
9-10 140cm/55" 9-10 73cm/29" 63cm/25" 44kg/97lbs 12cm/5"
11-12 152cm/60" 11-12 85cm/33" 72cm/28" 54kg/119lbs 13cm/5"
13-14 164cm/65" 13-14 91cm/36" 81cm/32" 66kg/146lbs 14cm/5.5"


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