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5 Great Products for Special Needs Children

5 Great Products for Special Needs Children

April 29, 2019

Parents of children with special needs need high quality, reliable special needs products without the so-called disability price tag.  After all, well-designed, adaptive products can be an absolute game changer for families.

We’ve listed below (in no particular order) 5 great special needs products that SpecialKids Company recommends to parents and carers:

  1. Special Needs Clothing 

If your child has a disability, adaptive clothing can make a huge difference. On SpecialKids.Company you will find clothing items created with younger and older children with special needs in mind. The range has been designed to meet the individual needs of every child, with different items to meet your exact needs. Just some of the items you can find are:

  • Larger style popper vests and sleepsuits: These items been designed to keep your child comfortable and help prevent issues such as fecal smearing. The products available come in a range of different styles and sizes and there is even tube access in some of the designs to cater for any PEG/G-tubes and sub-pubic catheters.
  • Seamless socks for kids: These are perfect for children who have sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who find seams irritating and uncomfortable. These socks come in a variety of colours and styles and are designed especially for a snug fit to prevent wrinkling and are proven to reduce irritation.
  • Waterproof Bibs and Bandanas: these can be really useful if your child has excessive drooling. They can help to prevent clothing from becoming wet as well as sores and rashes.
  1. Sensory Equipment and Autism Toys 

Sensory equipment and autism toys are fantastic for sensory seekers. They can be both fun and therapeutic. From bubble tubes and specialist swings to musical instruments, light-up toys and fidget spinners. There are a number of products on the market designed with sensory seekers in mind, which you can easily find online.

autism sensory toys


  1. Weighted Blankets & Other Sleeping Aids 

Weighted blankets for children can be helpful for those with hyperactivity, sleep disorders and anxiety. They are also great for sensory seekers. They can help users relax by providing deep pressure on their body, which is said to increase the serotonin and secretion process. Sensory comfort can be extremely beneficial for children with special needs. Other sleeping aids such as washable absorbent bed pads are great for incontinence protection in an event where you child wets the bed during the night. Kylie® bed pads are super absorbent meaning minimum disruption and lets your child get back to sleep as soon as possible.

  1. Continence Products 

Continence products designed to help children with continence issues are essential. We’ve already mentioned the fantastic range of special needs swimwear which caters for children with incontinence. Larger nappies and swim nappies are also vital as well as a good changing mat.

Care Designs changing mat is generously sized (160cm x 62cm), designed to cover all ages, from when your child no longer fits on a baby changing mat right into adulthood. It can be used in your home or folds up neatly and ties together with a stretchy band, so that you can put it in your bag use it whilst you are out. The mat is multi-functional, stylish and provides protection from damp and cold surfaces.

  1. iPads and tablets 

iPads and tablets are fantastic for lots of children with special needs and can be used both at home and away. They are entertaining – allowing your child to watch their favorite things wherever they want - and educational - with apps designed to help children with speech delay and fine motor skills. They really can be life changing.


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